Denmark hosts the 2010 Waterz sports festival

August 24, 2010 | Windsurfing

Hvide Sande: cold, but simply great | Photo:

The 2010 Waterz is going to be an International multiple water board sport event located around the beauty full city Hvide Sande on the west coast of Denmark.

Waterz will include four main competitions:

- Windsurfing downwind race

- Kiteboarding downwind race

- Wakeboard freestyle cable competition

- SUP show in the Harbour of Hvide Sande

And it is possible to enter the competitions without being a professional water board sport athlete. The idea is to create a competition for everyone with high safety precautions, powered by Nature.

Beside the four main competitions there will be areas with exhibitions in modern energy and a free surfing school at the Atlantic side of the harbor. Between all that you will also have the chance to see and try out the newest equipment from the leading board sport manufactures on the inside (Rinkøbing Fjord) and much more.

Together with Vestas who are the world's leading supplier of wind powered solutions and one of biggest wind turbines (windmills) manufactures in the world and other local interest, it is now a reality.

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