Deska Board: city windsurfing with brakes

July 11, 2014 | Windsurfing
Deska Board: city windsurfing with brakes

Deska Board is the ultimate windsurfing board for those wanting to sail the world's busiest city streets.

You don't need water to go windsurfing.

Street windsurfing is not a new concept, but the entrepreneur behind Deska Board has dramatically improved it with special lightweight aluminum, carbon plank, and an innovative brake system.

Until now, these city windsurf boards didn't have proper brakes. You'd have to brake with the soles of your shoes or wait until you'd crash against any object, car, or person.

Csaba Tolgyesy, the industrial designer who founded Deska Board, has added a disc-break control which gives you the possibility to stop immediately.

The new city skateboard with multiple functions is ready for cobblestones, bad quality concrete, and dirt roads, thanks to the 200mm wheels.

Its flexible foot belt system keeps your feet with the board in jumps and bumps.