Developing a "Real Obsession" for windsurfing

March 27, 2014 | Windsurfing
Real Obsession: 45 minutes of pure South Australia adrenaline

Wilf has collected hundreds of windsurfing video clips to develop a "Real Obsession".

Hardcore windsurfers are obsessed by... wind. When it blows, they're in the water no matter what their commitments are. Work and family can wait.

"Real Obsession" is a grandiose collage of windsurf sessions captured somewhere in South Australia. And what a good place to unveil talent, no matter how old you are.

South Australia is the largest producer of wind energy in Australia. Does that fact make you develop a "Real Obsession" windsurfing?

Check out for yourself. Wilf is an all-round windsurfer. Watch how he speeds up, jumps and rides the turquoise waters of his favorite spots.

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