Elton Taty Frans

Bonaire windsurf pro, Elton “Taty” Frans raced from Bonaire to Curacao on March 29. He successfully beat the previous record of 4 hours by arriving in Jan Thiel 2 hours and 15 minutes after departing BOPEC in Bonaire.

Taty was racing to raise money for Erwin Muller, a divemaster and the 4-hour record holder for the sail from Bonaire to Curacao almost twenty years ago.

Muller suffered a massive stroke in Jan. and has been in Curacao for medical treatment. Erwin needs rehab and home modifications, which are all very costly.

Because Erwin is a former windsurfer, it made sense to have a windsurf fundraiser. Spearheaded by many, including Elvis Martinus, the race occurred on March 28.

Taty had dreamed of sailing between the two islands.

No stranger to long-distance events, Taty circumnavigated Bonaire last year. For this fundraiser challenge, he sailed his 7.6 Maui Sail and his 122-liter Starboard Isonic Board.

He left early in the morning from the northern tip of Bonaire under 15-20 knot winds. The waves were 2.5-3.0 meters at times. A small flotilla of support boats assisted Taty.

Taty met a hero’s welcome in Curacao, including a guest appearance by Prime Minister Mrs. De Jongh-Elhage and his friend, Erwin Muller.

It was a grand finale to support a fellow man of the sea, Muller.

The race could not have happened without the support of Habitat Bonaire, Plaza Resort/Toucan Dive Bonaire, Bistro de Paris, Ivo, and many friends on the boats, Michael and Miguel Obersi, Elvis Martinus and the entire windsurf community in Bonaire and Curacao.

Taty is sponsored by Bonaire Windsurf Place, MauiSails, Starboard, and Choco Fins.

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