Euro speed windsurfers head to Fehmarn

July 26, 2011 | Windsurfing
Speed windsurfing: watch out for the Police

The third round of the European Speed Windsurfing Tour 2011 stops at the German Championships, in Orth on the Isle of Fehmarn. European competitors are invited to take part at the event from 3rd-10th September.

International participants do not get points for the German DSV/VDS Championship ranking, but for the Challenge week’s ranking (Factor 1.0). The Championship Fehmarn is the fourth run of the national championship series 2011.

All riders will be starting concurrently. There is only one fleet for national and international competitors. Registration is now open and closes on the 14th August.

With two events completed, Germany's best speed sailor Thorsten Mallon takes the top spot on the Euro rankings. Followed very closely by Patrick Van Hoof and David Garrel, from Belgium, who has only done one event in third.

The Battle between Thorsten and Patrick was so close in Sweden that they were both on 20 points, at the end of the competition, and less than half a knot of top speed gave Thorsten the lead.

In the women’s fleet, Nicky Van hoof still holds the top spot, but with Zara Davis back on form Nicky has a fight on her hands.

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