Europeans crowned at the 2012 World Ice and Snow Sailing Championships

February 26, 2012 | Windsurfing
2012 World Ice and Snow Sailing Championships: truly radical

Peter Klingvall (Sweden), Jarno Rautio (Finland) and Simon Gill (Canada) are the 2012 World Ice and Snow Sailing champions in the Wing, Sailboard and Kite divisions.

The freezing competition brought 100 sailors to the Chain Lake, at St. Ignace, in the USA. European athletes have traveled more than 9 hours to get to the WISSA 2012 venue, but it was worth it.

The weather conditions were superb. Low temperatures, good visibility, steady winds and high quality race tracks have pumped the contest and the rivalry. The sail wings invaded the slalom courses and Lars Fromell, from Sweden, took the first place in this category.

Tracks were clearly showing great performances. More than snow, these wintertime windsurfers and kiteboarders are looking for icy pavements. Jenny Back (Sweden) and Anastasia Emets (Russia) were the overall winners of the Wing and Kite titles in the Women's contest.

The World Ice and Snow Sailing event is the longest running international competition in the history of windsurfing and is held every year, since 1980. The event location alternates annually between Europe and North America.

2012 World Ice and Snow Sailing Championships | Results


1. Peter Klingvall (Sweden)
2. Rainer Salo (Finland)
3. Lars Fromell (Sweden)
4. Klaus Faisst (Canada)
5. Jenny Back (Sweden)


1. Jarno Rautio (Finland)
2. Brian Reedy (USA)
3. Dave Chizek (USA)


1. Simon Gill (Canada)
2. Vladimir Koualenko (Russia)
3. Andrei Balyakin (Russia)

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