Extreme dizziness puts an end to Sarah Hebert's transatlantic cross

March 7, 2012 | Windsurfing
Sarah Hebert: get up girl, you'll do it

Sarah Hebert has suspended the Atlantic Ocean windsurf crossing, after her health quickly deteriorated in the last days. The French sailor has been suffering extreme dizziness and anemia and vowed to retry.

"The adventure is beautiful, hard but magical. I have no regrets. All I've lived before being on the ocean and during the feedthrough is incredible. This will forever burn in me. I will analyze all this once rested, but I already know that neither my preparation, or my equipment, nor the heart that I set to work can not be questioned", explains Hebert.

"Sometimes you just accept its limitations, that of the body says stop, to avoid the worst. Although I limping along, I see only the best for now. I learned about myself, on the ocean and the open sea and the whole experience will be useful in the future to meet new challenges", she added.

Sarah had to battle 3-to-5 meter swells, day and night, and constant 25-knot winds. The Atlantic Ocean proved to be one of the most extreme challenges in Nature.

The windsurfer tried to recover from dizziness near the unconsciousness frontier, in the boat, but the constant swell wasn't helping her. Sarah Hebert even consulted her medical staff by satellite phone. Given her symptoms, the diagnosis was anemia.

The lack of iron could not be compensated on board and, despite a last attempt to hit the water, she wasn't able to overcome the health problems. Sarah Hebert will certainly retry to complete the transatlantic windsurf crossing.