Extreme windsurfing set for the 2009 Reunion Wave Classic

July 30, 2009 | Windsurfing

2009 Reunion Wave Classic

On the initiative of Thomas Traversa and JB Caste, who wanted to meet their friends on a friendly wave contest by teams, a first event was created and took place on Fuerteventura (Canary islands) in March 2009.

The contest gathered some of the best international wavesailors on a competition launched in monster double mast high waves on the North Shore's coast.

Sent on this «free expression» challenge, the dozen of guest waveriders battled in very extreme conditions allowing to crown not only one champion but a complete team. In more than 20 ft high waves, the show was really firing off and delivered some great images of extreme and radical rides, plus a really wide media coverage.

Now it seems that the island of La Reunion ideally collects the elements to the organization of a 2nd stage of an international «Wave Classic Tour».

A 10 to 12 days waiting period between 4th and 16th of September 2009 will allow us to catch the perfect weather conditions.

11 hours away by airplane from Paris, La Reunion has fantastic beaches on the South & West shores where the South swell breaks. Waves are powerful and intense like no others, peaks can reach up to more than 4 meters… Ideally sprayed by powerful Trade winds, the local spots then become fabulous playgrounds for waveriding. Ideally Any windsurfer’s holy dream!

For 10 days, riders will be on "waiting period" on the West Coast of La Reunion. A base camp will be established towards St Pierre and after a daily morning meteorological check, riders will be allowed to choose among the 2-3 spots around.

As soon as the best conditions will be convenient for «extreme waveriding», riders will be sent on the water by heats or invited for a "free session" according to the number of participants and the conditions met on the D-day.

Riders must score the nicest and biggest waves each day in respect to their own styles. Being radical, taking risks, ride smoothly, picking up the right wave, will give the jury indicators allowing to score fairly and simply.

The only one goal for the riders is to bring points to their respective team! Those who do not run are judging those who are on the water.

But in La Réunion, as well as the coronation of the «best team» and the «best rider», we’ll also add some more categories : «worst wipe out», «sickest move» (powered by Soöruz), and «top local» of the event!

Source: Reunion Wave Classic

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