Fanatic celebrates 30 years in windsurfing

October 10, 2011 | Windsurfing
Fanatic: 30-knot wind parties

Fanatic is celebrating 30 years in the windsurfing business. A milestone that’s unrivaled in the sport. Fanatic was founded in 1981 by Udo Schütz on the foundations of focus and passion.

Values that have stood firm ever since with key principles that continue to achieve success.

The long-lasting recipes for success are shapes that can be ridden by everyone and, at the same time, be world cup contenders.

Passion and performance are still lived and breathed 100% at Fanatic. Fanatic believes to have never chased trends for the sake of it.

New fashions were always analyzed and checked first for tangible benefits.

The biggest innovation was and still is the switch to CAD design and CNC production in 2004. A totally new dawn with endless possibilities of analysis, comparison, and production had begun.

And the beauty was that Fanatic could virtually guarantee never going backward with such a massive database of figures collected.

Many of the most successful windsurfers in the 80s and 90s rode at the peak of their careers Fanatic boards.

Maui Meyer, Nik Baker, Robby Seeger, Robert Territehau, and Francisco Goya celebrated their biggest victories on and with Fanatic.

Gollito Estredo won an unsurpassed fourth PWA Freestyle world cup title in 2010 - a glorious season where Victor Fernandez was also PWA Wave World Champion.

To this day, a Fanatic board only comes onto the market if the whole team is convinced of measured progress.

The Fanatic team celebrated the anniversary during the PWA World Cup on Sylt with a nice barbeque under a beautiful sunset.

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