Sebastian Wenzel: Fanatic windsurf board shaper

Fanatic has announced the new full set of windsurfing products for 2013.

The company will be focusing on the Freecarve, Freemove, and Slalom ranges. The first line was launched in August, with the thin-railed Gecko windsurf boards.

The 2013 Gecko board is wider, thinner, more stability and perfect for fun, early planing, jumps, slides and carves.

"There are also exciting new shapes among the fast and furious Hawks that have returned to their Super-X roots, mixing the best of Freestyle and Slalom behaviors," explains Fanatic.

The windsurf brand has also revamped the Falcon PWA Slalom range, with only the proven 79, 89, and Falcon Speed styles remaining unchanged.

The new Ray Freerace lines are identical versions of the Falcon 102, 112 and 122 for unbeatable value access to elite racing shapes in stiff and tough Biax Glass Sandwich versions.

The remaining collection shaped by Sebastian Wenzel will be untouched, keeping the winning formulas for beginners and kids.

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