Fanatic opens windsurf center in Tobago

September 23, 2011 | Windsurfing
Fanatic Boarders Center: a sailors paradise

Fanatic, the German windsurfing brand, has opened a Boarders Center in the tiny island of Tobago, West Indies. The new store is located on the white sandy beach a few steps from the water in the grounds of the stunning Pigeon Point Heritage Park.

The sailing area is very large with truly amazing colors, sailing in turquoise warm water you feel like you are windsurfing in a 3D postcard.

It’s a superb freeride spot with light to medium wind, standing area, flat water on the inside and small chops on the outside. A great option for beginners and intermediates.

There is a varying wind direction with wind strength usually between 3-5 bft, mainly sideshore from the right (east). The windsurf center is located at a point going into the water so you can sail perfectly with wind directions spreading 180°.

With only 300 square kilometres, Tobago is home to empty beaches, exotic wildlife, lush landscapes, mouth-watering cuisine and wonderful local people. Sometimes called "Robinson Crusoe's Island", Tobago is a year-round paradise.

The island lies south of the hurricane belt, and with its big sister Trinidad, makes up the southernmost islands in the Caribbean.

There are two seasons: a wet season between July and November, and a dry season between December and June. Tobago’s south coast, pounded by the Atlantic Ocean, is dotted with charming fishing villages whilst the north Caribbean coast has many beautiful coral sand beaches.

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