Federico Infantino challenges Margaret River's Main Break

June 12, 2019 | Windsurfing
Federico Infantino: hitting the lip at Margaret River's Main Break | Photo: Elii Design Studio

Margaret River's Main Break is a popular surf spot located in Western Australia.

Although it is mainly a surfers-only reef break, it can be windsurfed when it gets too windy for shortboards.

Federico Infantino is an Italian professional windsurfer. He moved to Australia's Wildflower State six years ago to chase waves and howling winds.

Two years ago, he released "That's Surf West," a movie that blends windsurfing and surfing. Since then, he's been exploring the Australian sailing potential and getting acquainted with the waves that break at Margaret River.

"Main Break still is one of the most challenging waves to read in the world! It's a right-hander but, because of the wind, we have to sail left with the lip coming straight at you with massive power," explains Infantino.

"If your timing isn't perfect, you will find yourself hitting the reef.

Infantino says that, from a weather and ocean perspective, the last season was far from perfect. However, he still managed to score a few idyllic waves.

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