Ferran Crespo wins the 30th Taranaki Wave Classic

November 14, 2013 | Windsurfing
Ferran Crespo: stoked face

Ferran Cespo has conquered the 30th Taranaki Wave Classic, in New Zealand.

Up to 80 wave windsurfers gathered for the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Taranaki Wave Classic, probably one of the oldest wave sailing events in the world.

Saturday, the break at Kina Road was behaving erratically and not at all its normal self. To put it simply, waves were breaking everywhere.

Rather than setting up nicely on the points and providing a user friendly channel, the white water was often all over the place, making competitors have to work really hard to get over some solid walls of foam.

Sections up to mast-high were rolling through and Ferran Crespo, Chris la Franchie, Charles Dinnis, Mike la Franchie and James Court all scored some good rides, while James Court kept viewing interest at a high with a couple of heavy-duty rinsings during his solid afternoon's sailing.

Sunday saw the wind direction shift again and competition was moved out to Waitara. A few sailors revelled in the conditions on offer, with the standout wave ride coming from Ferran Crespo, who pulled out a clew first spock, a flaka and a grubby, all on the wave face and all within three bottom turns.

There was some great sailing in challenging conditions over the course of the Taranaki Wave Classic, and for this the standout sailors were recognized headed up by Ferran Crespo, taking out the Number One spot.

30th Taranaki Wave Classic | Results

1. Ferran Cespo
2. Chris La Franchie
3. Paul Barron
4. James Court
5. Charles Dinnis
6. Chris Brown
7. Chris Norris
8. Thomas Davies
9. Olivier Perkins
10. Jeff Sutton