Harry Joyner: the Australian executed iQFoil's first-ever foiling tack | Photo: FFVoile/Sailing Energy

Australian windsurfer Harry Joyner completed the first-ever foiling tack on an iQFoil windsurfing kit.

The 15-year-old sailor from Fremantle wrote history for the 21st-century Olympic windsurfing class after performing the first foiling tack on iQFoil equipment in competition.

The move is expected to change the way athletes plan and execute their tactical upwind racing strategies.

Joyner, who had already been working on his revolutionary tacking skills for a while, proved that the performance gap between young and experienced sailors probably no longer exists.

In sailing, and besides kite foiling, the first-ever foiling tack took place during the 2016 America's Cup.

At the time, there was still no iQFoil equipment or class.

Mastering windsurfing's foiling tack is estimated to lead to gains of nine meters per second lost performing shifts in sailing direction.

"We've been extremely fast around the course, and it feels like the only part where we have been slow is the tack," explains RS:X Olympic gold medalist Kiran Badloe.

"Slow tacks have been limiting our strategy to some extent as we would have to consider a significant loss of meters on each tack. Foiling tacks will be a game-changer."

A New Era in Wind Foiling

Now that iQFoil's foiling tack has been unlocked, it is expected that sailors will practice and get it into their training routines.

Harry Joyner started sailing in single and double-handed dinghy classes.

Then, he started moving to the ocean by sailing out of Fremantle Sailing Club to develop his racing skills.

"When I saw the windsurfing Olympic class go from RS:X to foiling, I felt it was a good idea to broaden my skill range to move into a foiling class," explains the Australian innovator.

Meanwhile, the Western Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS) formed an iQFoil program that provided coaching, and Joyner embraced the challenge.

He found a scheme that facilitated his development needs by setting goals and getting him ready for events and competitions.

Now, Harry's dream is to further develop his racing skills and go as far as he can in wind foiling.

Joyner has already baptized the new foiling tack. "It's The Harrack - the Harry tack."

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