Flechet windsurfing groms join Hot Sails Maui

October 10, 2012 | Windsurfing
Flechet family: experienced windsurfers

Two young boys from the Flechet family have been added to the Hot Sails Maui windsurfing team.

Two in a row. Titouan and Julien are the future of windsurfing and come from the same family. The two Flechet groms will be riding for Hot Sails Maui.

Titouan and Julien - 9 and 11 years old - started to windsurf at the age of four and five in Dandol and Moulay Bouzerktoune, in France and Morocco.

They have been training hard in the Normandy region, is windsurf spots like Petites Dalles and Veulettes Sur Mer. They also travel a lot in the country, sailing in Siouville, Brutal beach, Leucate and Perpignan.

"I really enjoy water sports, and also discovering new spots and new places where to practice. I also make new friends everywhere on the beaches", says Titouan.

"Moulay Bouzerktoune is my favorite spot, because I started there and because there’s always wind and waves", adds Julien.

Titouan Flechet prefers jumping to wave windsurfing because he liked tricks. "This summer I tried a back loop. The wind was so strong that I succeed my jump! But I did a huge wipe out while falling down"

Julien also enjoys jumping. "I prefer jumping because I like air tricks and also Donkey kicks. I did my first backloop this summer".

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