Formula windsurfers get set for the Downunder Pro 2012

December 12, 2011 | Windsurfing
Downunder Pro: where the water is green

The world's best Formula windsurfers are gearing up for another magical Downunder Pro 2012. More than 50 riders have already registered for the special event held in Hawks Nest, in Australia.

There are two Danish, six Singaporean, five Brazilians and about 40 Australians that have confirmed their presence in the windsurfing contest. Last year, the Downunder Pro was clearly dominated by Wilhelm Schurmann, from Brazil. The 25-knot wind conditions gave him seven out of eight race victories.

Sean O’Brien, in third place, was the best Australian windsurfer of the 2011 Downunder Pro. Will he battle for gold in 2012?

The Danish windsurfer, Christian Justesen, won the Youth division and showed he could fight for the overall title, this year. Rick Murray won a very contested Grand-Master division ahead of Wayne Bowness and Tibor Ferenczy.

The Downunder Pro 2012 will be windsurfed between 28th January and 4th February. The event will include the heat 5 of the NSW Formula Windsurfing Tour, the 2012 RS:X Australian Championships and the 2012 Oceanic Raceboard Championships.

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