2019 Défi Wind: there were 1,176 windsurfers out in the water | Photo: Souville

With 1,176 entries, Défi Wind confirmed his status of is arguably the world's largest gathering of windsurfers.

Sailors from five continents and 45 countries returned to Gruissan to ride the infamous Tramontane wind.

This year, the youngest participant was only 14 years of age and the oldest windsurfer, Farouk Siamer, a 76-year-old veteran. Actually, 200 riders were over 50.

Once again, the local wind played its trick on all competitors. After blowing consecutively for seven weekends, Tramontane only allowed two races - and 80 kilometers - to be run.

Fortunately, there were 25 knots of wind on offer, which was enough to fill hundreds of sails with enough power to plane across the blue sea.

For the first in the history of the Défi Wind, 900 windsurfers were able to complete the first race.

2019 Défi Wind: the organization was able to run two races | Photo: Souville

French Domination

When it comes to the competitive side of the event, the race was particularly lively on the head of the pack.

In the end, Nicolas Warembourg claimed a back-to-back victory at Gruissan.

"I did it again! It was six months of preparation, training, sweat, and questioning in order to achieve this result," expressed Warembourg.

"It was n incredible 2019 edition. We shared a common passion for a beautiful sport that makes me dream for over 30 years."

On the women's side, Delphine Cousin did not let herself be impressed by the crowd, embraced her favorite status, and took top honors.

"I am super happy to win this event! We had two great races and a fantastic first coaching clinic. I will now rest after two months of competition, and then focus on the preparation of the rest of the season!" said Cousin.

2019 Défi Wind | Top 3

1. Nicolas Warembourg
2. Marco Lang
3. Kevin Grosjean

1. Delphine Cousin
2. Marion Mortefon
3. Anna Sagulenko

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