Sarah Hauser: she plays piano and she shreds | Photo: Carter/PWA

Sarah Hauser is the star of "Girl On Wave," a documentary that reveals how the New Caledonian conquered the 2015 American Windsurfing Tour (AWT).

Hauser is more than a highly skilled wave windsurfer. She is a force of Nature and an inspiring athlete.

Sarah has braved stormy seas in uber-windy conditions, and her first appearance on the PWA World Tour in 2014 confirmed her natural talent.

After receiving her master's degree in computer science and applied mathematics, Sara Hauser took on a few jobs like anyone else.

The young pianist - she studied classical piano at the New Caledonia Conservatory of Music for 12 years - wanted to increase her skills before dedicating her life to what she really loved: windsurfing.

"Girl On Wave," directed by Steven Esparza, features interviews with windsurfing legends, champions, and top PWA sailors who inspired Hauser on her journey to success in the always-challenging AWT season.

"As a professional windsurfer, I've realized over the last few years how much our sport is underestimated. When I travel out of the windsurfing community, I meet people who cannot even picture what our sport looks like!" says Sarah Hauser.

"The movie can help change that. Steven Esparza is based in Phoenix, Arizona. He never heard about windsurfing before he met me."

"With his unique way of filming and his ingenious vision, we're making a movie that a layman audience can watch and be amazed by, as well as the water sports community."

In 2013, Sarah took her windsurfer to Jaws. She currently lives in Maui with her husband, Casey Hauser.

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