Fuerteventura Wave Classic windsurfers enjoy the pleasures of Entubadera

March 11, 2010 | Windsurfing

Entubadera: crowded windsurfing

On tuesday all the FWC riders did have a very good day sailing at Entubadera, a famous surfing spot next to Flag Beach. The conditions didn't look great at first sight, but finally everyone took some good waves and was reeping!

Though, we couldn't launch any competition because the wind was too gusty. Also, the wave was quite short and finally it was very busy on the water: some crashes were avoided at last minute!

Antony Ruenes was unlucky and broke his mast, while washed off by a small wave because it was not deep enough.

Yesterday, it was a day off for competition, but the riders went next to El Cotillo, at Playa Pedra, to participate at a beach cleaning organized by Ocean Clean Project.

It was an interesting initiative as we are all finally concerned by the subject, and it is amazing and sad to discover how dirty the beaches finally are when you look closer... After having picked up 10m3 of rubbish we had a good barbecue on the beach all together.

After that, most of the riders went surfing at El Hierro to end well this cruising day.

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