Gabriel Browne claims 2011 South American Formula Championships

November 22, 2011 | Windsurfing
Gabriel Browne: three South American titles in a row

Gabriel Browne has conquered the 2011 South American Formula Championships, in Fortaleza, Brazil. The Brazilian windsurfer confirmed the victory before the final day of competition.

"The event was held at the Marina Park Hotel, a perfect venue for Formula races. The wind was around 12-to-18 knots everyday. On a four-day event, we did 11 races total. I'm very happy with my performance this year because I managed to win seven races out of eight", explains Browne.

"The last day I didn't even have to compete so I stayed on the beach watching the races. My equipment was working really well again. This is my third title in a row of the event. Hope to race in my home spot again, next year. Also, thanks for all the sailors coming from Europe and South America", he added.

Casper Bouman secured two race wins and finished in second place, while Paulo dos Reis took one win and two second places to finish with the bronze medal.

The South American Formula Championship titles were also awarded to Wilhelm Schurmann (in the Light division), Mathias Pinheiro (in the Master division) and Aldo Maia (in the Youth division).

2011 South American Formula Championships | Results

1. Gabriel Browne
2. Casper Bouman
3. Paulo dos Reis
4. Victor Melo
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