Gabriel Browne wins the Brazil Windsurf Slalom Nationals

November 16, 2009 | Windsurfing

Brazil Windsurf Slalom Nationals

We just finished today our slalom nationals.

The event was held in Camocim. This place is around 350km in the north of Fortaleza.

The event was very well organized by Ta’i events.

We had international competitors racing with us, like Alberto Menegatti from Italy and Kurosh Kiani from Denmark.

The venue for the races was amazing, the course is exactly where the river gets together with the ocean.

So there was strong current and big choppy. The wind conditions were very good for slalom racing, from 17 to 30 knots.

I was using most of the races my TR5 7.0 with Starboard Isonic 86 and 111.

The first day I started really good the event with two bullets but I made some mistakes and finished the first day in third place.

The second day the wind got much stronger and I like this strong wind conditions.

I had some very good races and manage to recover my mistakes from the first day and finished the event in 1st place !!!


1st- Gabriel Browne BRA 50 (starboard/maui-sails)
2nd- Wilhelm Schurmann BRA 999(starboard/neilpryde)
3rd- Alberto Menegatti ITA 4(starboard/simmer sails)

Report by Gabriel Browne

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