Garmin Quatix: the most advanced sailing watch

The Garmin Quatix is the most advanced sailing watch to hit the market and combines GPS features with autopilot functions, tide charts, barometer, and much more.

Windsurfing and kiteboarding will change forever with the new features provided by the Garmin Quatix sailing watch.

In fact, wind sports may not be the same anymore as artificial intelligence enters decision-making in competition.

Designed for avid mariners of all types, the Garmin Quatix is a high-sensitivity GPS navigator marine watch.

It has a self-adjusting altimeter, barometer, and 3-axis electronic compass.

The surf watch features virtual starting lines and timers for optimal racing starts, a tack assist mode for efficient and controlled sailing, and the first GPS device in a marine watch.

The Autopilot remote control allows you to control a Garmin autopilot so you can move around on the boat while having information and control on your wrist.

When paired with a Garmin transceiver, you can also wirelessly stream and check wind speed and direction, water depth, and more.

Get the Garmin Quatix or discover the best surf watches in the world.

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