Gerry Lopez: surrounded by legends

Gerry Lopez has joined the Naish International shape design team.

The Hawaiian-born shaper will work alongside Robby Naish, Michi Schweiger, Randy Naish, and the rest of the Maui-based development team in continuing to advance board designs into the future.

"Gerry is a perfect fit with our brand. He has a style both personally and professionally that's a perfect fit to ours, is very methodical in his approach to board design, and brings with him unquestionable knowledge and know-how. We are very much on the same page in terms of how a board should look, feel, and perform", says Robby Naish.

Gerry will begin the partnership by working closely with multiple SUP wave and racing world champion Kai Lenny this winter, starting with his big wave surfboards.

"It is both a privilege and an honor to have this opportunity to join Robby and the Naish team. Shaping has always been my foundation and in my mind, is what allowed me to have the success I enjoyed while surfing [the] Pipeline as well as at other places throughout Hawaii and Indonesia", says Gerry Lopez.

"While I've had a lot of publicity for the surfing part, my shaping is little known outside of Hawaii. Because we go back a long way, Robby does know how seriously I take board building and design".

Gerry and Robby became friends when Lopez was finding new horizons in wavesailing and Robby was skyrocketing to supreme mastery of the sport.

Later, they shared the same playgrounds in tow-in surfing and SUP.

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