Windsurfing: in the end, it's all smile | Photo: Carter/PWA

A new found passion for windsurfing can be totally life-changing. It will likely invigorate your soul and increase happiness. So, why don't we get a group of windsurfing enthusiasts into the laboratory room?

Swedish health promotion specialist Henrik Beyer believes that conducting studies on windsurfer's experiences could lead to increased understanding of what passion and happiness really are.

"Hearing from windsurfers and how their life changed after starting to windsurf is quite inspiring. They seem to have found a mystical life force to enjoy and live through," notes Beyer, author of "Health & Fitness for Windsurfing."

Windsurfing has changed the life of thousands of people. It has brought the sun, wind, new friends, excitement, intensity, health, tropical holidays and even new careers to people's lives.

Studies have shown that hobbies are essential for an individual's health and sense of well-being. The physical benefits of windsurfing are vast, and they range from increased strength, flexibility, and endurance to the prevention of diseases, and more.

Taking up windsurfing can provide a balance in a busy life and invigorate one's soul and sense of self while impacting positively on friends, family members and community engagement.

When they are sailing or simply getting ready to sail, windsurfers often experience what is called Eustress. Do you know what it means? Eustress is that thrilling rush that water sports enthusiasts often feel, and that one may observe in a person who is truly happy and satisfied with life in general.

In other words, Eustress is a positive stress or good stress. The positive response can come from sports, meeting new people, competing or even riding a roller coaster. It is basically the opposite of distress.

"This type of positive stress seems to be a source to that highly rewarding life that we search for in life," underlines Beyer, whose own career as an author started with a windsurfing book.

"Perhaps Eustress is an academic term for 'being hooked'. Academic studies on windsurfers would certainly lead to increased understanding of what specifically brings excitement and passion into people's lives," concludes the Swedish expert.

Who is willing to accept the scientific challenge?

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