Gollito Estredo storms 2011 Copa ONA

March 27, 2011 | Windsurfing
Gollito Estredo: number one in Venezuela | Photo: El Yaque News

Gollito Estredo dominated the 2011 Copa ONA, held in the windy El Yaque Beach, Island of Margarita, Venezuela. The best wind riders were greeted with steady and consistent winds and have put a great show of tricks and speed.

Estredo, the national windsurfing star, showed all his talent and almost won all divisions. In the Freestyle competition, Gollito delivered fast, complex and perfectly executed moves. Deivis Paternina wanted to give Estredo a hard run for his money and started with some amazing tricks like Skupo, Airfunnel or Airflakas and Shaka Flaka, but Estredo was just unbeatable by doing everything just much higher, more aggressive and faster.

The Pro windsurf slalom was a hard battle between Gollito Estredo, Diony Guadagnino and Alexis Carache, with a Juan Marino also pushing hard from the back. Race after race was started and became very exciting indeed with the finish line only few meters from the shore. Estredo had a bad start in the first two races but fought back hard to finish this day of Slalom in first position, followed by Guadagnino and Carache.

In the long distance race, there was a start towards the beach, a spectacular jibe mark close to the shore and than all the way out to the outside mark close to the Coche Island. Again, it was Gollito Estredo dominating the speedometer. The wind speed went down, Estredo positioned himself in perfect position for a full speed downwind run towards the finish line. But Carache, on the bigger gear, was already too far ahead and and took the division followed by Gollito and Marino-


1. Gollito Estredo
2. Deivis Paternina
2. Marko

Long Distance Race

1. Alexis Carache
2. Gollito Estredo
3. Juan Marino


1. Gollito Estredo
2. Diony Guadagnino
3. Alexis Carache