Gonzalo Costa Hoevel wins the Puerto Rico Slalom Series

July 14, 2010 | Windsurfing

PR Windsurfing Slalom Series: ai, ai, Puerto Rico...

After two awesome days that saw back to back racing in winds in the range of 16 to 25 + knots we decided to end the last day with three slalom heats for the Pro Division and three heats for the Weekend Warriors.

Winds for the last day ranged between 12 to 19 knots, with a couple of brief rain squalls.

The first two races in the Pro Division saw Gonzalo Costa Hoevel in full control with Wilhelm Schurmann, Enes Yilmazer and Hood River Freestyle champion Tyson Poor in hot pursuit. On race number three the last jibbing buoy’s line snapped causing a recall for the last race.

Wilhelm Schurmann changed sails in the break and flew to a victory in the last race ( afterwards a couple of Pros went out to the reefs to do some wave jumping on slalom equipment. we will not mention their names but we have the photos).

The high intensity tight quarters racing had the fans on the beach going wild! Diego Domenianni, Juan Marino & Felix Martins were right behind the top four not giving an inch. A great show for the spectators. A total of 13 races.

Final Results Pro Division:

1. Gonzalo Costa Hoevel-ARG 3
2. Wilhelm Schurmann-BRA 999
3. Enes Yilmazer-TUR 2
4. Tyson Poor US 22

Weekend Warriors: In the weekend warrior division we had three races in 14 to 19 knots of wind. In a great show of class, the PROS joined the WW fleet for the first race!
The whole weekend warrior’s fleet plus the Pros went out thus making for a huge exhibition of sails flying down the course. After three races, it was clear that Albir Agresar, Jose Pla and our representative at the upcoming 2010 Central American & Caribbean Regional Games, Alejandro Mounllor, were untouchable.

After three days of great racing we decided to give the fleets the rest of the day off and start the party.

Final Results Weekend Warriors Division:
1. Albir Agresar
2. Jose Pla
3. Raul Gallardo
Our sponsor, JC Remodeling, gave the the top two finishers in the WW Division round trip tickets to the 2010 Miami Windsurfing Slalom Series at Virginia Key!
We will see you in Miami!

Junior Division:
1. Gabriel Gallardo
2. Sebastian Garcia
3. Alejandro Mounllor (note… Alejandro Mounllor and Tihno Dornellas raced in the PRO Division the first 2 days, Alejandro then joined the WW Division later on)

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