Green Island Nationals crown new Australian windsurfing champions

July 3, 2013 | Windsurfing
Green Island Nationals: smile, you've won

Al Bentley, Kaleb Smith and Sean O'Brien have taken out the 2013 Qantas Green Island Nationals, in Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

The event was held with light wind conditions. It was not possible to begin the third elimination round in Slalom, nor to finish the final heat of the third elimination for Freestyle.

With no valid competition taking place for both these divisions, the final rankings after two runs held true. Sean O'Brien, from Brisbane, took the Australian Slalom title ahead of Seb Pouillet, from New Caledonia, and Michel Van Der Pligt, also from Brisbane.

"I've spent a month on Green Island training for the event and I must say it's a perfect winter training location for windsurfing, with warm temperatures, good winds, relaxed vibe and plenty of fun to be had off the water in Cairns, as well", says O'Brien.

The Free Race division was held for the first time. Kaleb Smith, from Tasmania, was able to take the title ahead of local Cairns sailor Kelly Morgan and third placed in Slalom from Brisbane, Michel Van Der Pligt.

The Free Race competition consisted of two one-hour long sessions, held over two days, in which sailors wore GPS units to record their fastest overall speeds, as well as the longest distance sailed during the one-hour period.

With the shifting tides on Green Island, sailors were treated to a perfect flat water speed-bank along the eastern reefs close to shore on the island.

In the Freestyle, Al Bentley was able to dominate both eliminations run over the week, ahead of Stephen Flack, from Victoria, and Ben Severne, from Western Australia.

2013 Qantas Green Island Nationals | Results

1. Al Bentley
2. Steve Flack
3. Ben Severne

1. Sean O'Brien
2. Seb Pouillet
3. Michel Van Der Pligt

Free Race
1. Kaleb Smith
2. Kelly Morgan
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