Gruissan prepares for the long distance windsurfing marathon

May 14, 2012 | Windsurfing
Défi Wind: hundreds of windsurfers racing for glory in Gruissan

The 2012 Défi Wind is gearing up for another incredible windsurfing marathon with over 850 sailors from 25 countries ready to storm Gruissan, in France.

The most important worldwide windsurfing meeting will challenge a Pro-Am Long Distance race of 25 miles. Gruissan and its famous Tramontane wind promise to be the perfect place in South of France to welcome hundreds of windsurfers on the same beach.

The 2012 Défi Wind is also a true windsurf festival. There will be 15 music bands, parties and even a windsurf movie festival with exclusive footage and beautiful images from all over the world.

The concept is simple: people send their tapes, six minutes maximum, and then they’re projected on the big screen to be elected thanks to public applause. Fettah Ahlmara, famous Moroccan windsurfer, will introduce "Land" a Dutch-Moroccan-German co-production.

The film tells the story of a young man who sets off on an adventurous journey across the Atlantic coast on his windsurf board. A poetic and visually stunning film about the desire for freedom to go where you please, to be who you want to be.

Carine Camboulives and Manu Bouvet made a movie about their "Family Trip" around the world, a movie about sharing culture and discovering new way of life. Those sea lovers will bring to light unknown amazing spots from the Earth.

If you like discovering foreign civilization's different way of thinking, you should come and watch this astonishing film. The 2012 Défi Wind runs from 17th-20th May.

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