Bow: the new revolutionary sail by Gunsails | Photo: Gunsails

Gunsails announced the launch of a conceptual new windsurfing sail.

The "Bow" features a unique design, and it was specially developed for free racers, slalom maniacs, and foiling enthusiasts seeking constant power and effortless drive across a huge wind range.

The four-cam sail works best with the "Bow Flex," a mast that bends within the sail.

"The sail always stays balanced from low to high wind and transforms every gust into drive. By exploiting the sail area more efficiently, it shines with excellent planing, very good acceleration and overwhelming top speed," notes Gunsails.

The "Bow" is the result of a two-year project by Pieter Bijl and Renato Morlotti.

"Thanks to the adaptive profile, the sail remains controllable without effort. For free racers and slalom pilots, the sail is the new alternative to the conventional loose leech sail."

Adapts to the Wind

Compared with the loose leech concept, the new Gunsails creation has a much larger area to adapt to the strength of the wind.

When the wind strength and thus the wind load in the sail increases (high loading), the upper part of the sail turns leeward, and the profile adapts dynamically.

The holding forces on the boom remain the same; only the profile adapts to the higher loading.

When the wind force and thus the load in the sail decreases (low loading), the sail turns back to its original position.

Now, the lower wind energy is compensated by the more efficient profile.

The "Bow" sail will be available in 6.9, 7.8, and 8.7 m2 sizes.

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