W.IN.D Brazil 2015: a complex windsurfing adventure | Photo: Guy Cribb Windsurfing INtuition

A group of ten windsurfers has completed a 500-kilometer sailing adventure along the coast of Brazil.

The W.IN.D Brazil 2015 is a project developed by British waterman Guy Cribb. He invited nine guest windsurfers from USA, Sweden, UK, China, Latvia, Argentina, Brazil, Holland and Germany for the challenge of their lives.

The second edition of the Brazilian windsurfing journey kicked off at Fortaleza, the capital of the State of Ceará. In the first day, the team managed to sail 75 kilometers with splendid favorable winds.

"My legs don't work. I try walking, but my legs only take tiny paces, and the knees don't straighten. Not surprising, after 90 kilometers on the water. Another off the scale day filled with strong wind and good vibes. Everyone pushed to their very limits," wrote Cribb on the second day.

W.IN.D Brazil 2015: 500 kilometers of windsurfing stories | Photo: Guy Cribb Windsurfing INtuition

In the next day, another 60 kilometers brought some riders to tears, as they pushed themselves beyond extreme limits. On the fourth day, Guy Cribb broke his harness, and had to come up with a dangerous plan: he used a rope to tie himself to the boom. Fortunately, everything went well, and he sailed 14 kilometers to reach safe land.

When all windsurfers arrived at Jericoacoara, they had broken ribs, personal records and one of the most exciting chapters written on the sand. Caipirinha! 

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