Hong Kong triumphs at the 2016 RS:One World Championships

October 4, 2016 | Windsurfing
2016 RS:One World Championships: the windsurfers from Hong Kong dominated the event | Photo: RS:One

Ho Tsun Leung has taken out the Men's division at the 2016 RS:One World Championships, held in Penghu, Taiwan.

The event was organized by the Windsurfing Club Guan Yin Ting and the Chinese Taipei Sailing Association. Typhoon Mengi delivered exciting winds and, in just two days, competitors participated in a total of eight races.

RS:One is one-design, multi-generational windsurf board equipped with an extremely light 7.8-meter sail. It allows windsurfers from several divisions to compete together in a collective fleet.

The sailors from Hong Kong stole all four titles. Ho Tsun Leung and Hei Man Hayley Chan confirmed their dominance and won back-to-back world titles.

The only athlete who broke the Asian superiority was the Portuguese windsurfer Joao Laranjeira, who finished third in the Masters division.

The 2017 RS:One World Championships will be held in Vietnam, but they will return to Penghu in 2018.

2016 RS:One World Championships | Podium

1. Ho Tsun Leung (HKG)
2. Howard Chang (TPE)
3. Rafeek Kikabhoy (HKG)

1. Hei Man Hayley Chan (HKG)
2. Wai Yan Ngai (HKG)
3. Sarocha Prumpai (THA)

Master Men
1. Chin Lung Shin (TPE)
2. Mao-Lung Huang (TPE)
3. Joao Laranjeira (POR)

Espoir Boys
1. Rafeek Kikabhoy (HKG)
2. Yancy Kaibigan (PHI)
3. Phattharadanai Chinain (THA)

Espoir Girls
1. Wai Yan Ngai (HKG)
2. Duangkamon Phongern (THA)
3. Louise Lebars (FRA)

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