Hookipa Beach Park decides US wavesailing titles

October 20, 2011 | Windsurfing
American Windsurfing Tour: green water is rare

The 2011 Maui Makani Classic will hit the Hookipa Beach Park, from October 27th to November 1st. The last stage of the 2011 American Windsurfing Tour is crucial to decide the overall ranking and winners.

The best North American windsurfers have sold out the fouth event of AWT, after the cancellation of the Hatteras Wave Jam due to the effects of Hurricane Irene.

Competitive wave sailing is returning to Maui in what will be a fierce fight for the championship trophies. Nathan Mershon leads the fleet, closely followed by Kevin Pritchard and then Graham Ezzy, Josh Stone and Morgan Noireaux. Who will take the Expert's title?

The infamous “Point” named H-Poko provides a perfect right hand peeling wave. Paired with the consistent 20-25 knot trade winds windsurfing conditions don’t get much better. The average sails size is a 5.0 and boards in the 65 to 85 liter range.

Hookipa Beach Park is more than just a beach. It is a special place that most people only dream of seeing let alone riding the infamous wave. History has been made at Hookipa many times over and to say that this beach is the epicenter of windsurfing is an understatement.

Names such as Robby Naish, Mark Angulo, Francisco Goya, Jason Polakow, Kevin Pritchard, Josh Stone, and Kauli Seadi are just a few that have elevated their profiles by winning prestigious events here.

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