Hookipa ignites the best wave windsurfers

December 20, 2011 | Windsurfing
Hookipa: trai ning day in Maui | Photo: MauiWindsurfing.net

Big wave windsurfing is always a great show to watch in the wave riding world. On the 8th December 2011, the iconic spot of Hookipa, in Maui, Hawaii, pumped insane waves for the most experienced windsurfers.

Due to an extra large North swell, the best wave sailors had the opportunity to climb and jump over the giant walls of salted water. Hookipa was also blessed with howling winds for the pro windsurfers to enjoy a historic session.

Kevin Pritchard, Graham Ezzy, Mark Angulo, Marcilio Browne, Bernd Roediger, Levi Siver and many others left the sand knowing what to expect and what to do. The extreme windsurfing video is available for you to confirm.

When big Hawaiian waves and loads of windsurfing talent are combined together, the result is a crazy aerial show and absolutely insane floaters.

The best windsurfing spots in Maui are located in the North Shore of the island, in which Hookipa, Camp One, Sprecks and Sugar Cove, and Kahana are notable standouts. In the South of Maui, Kihei is a great windsurfing option, when occasional South winds hit the shore.

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