Windsurf batten: remove and re-insert it safely

Have you broken a windsurf batten? Do you want to travel and protect your sails and battens? Learn how to remove it and re-insert it again.

Hot Sails Maui has developed a quick guide to help you remove battens from the sail.

Removing and Inserting Battens 101

First of all, let's learn how to remove battens safely.

  1. Insert the batten key in the batten tensioner;
  2. Turn it anticlockwise until you see five millimeters out of the tensioner;
  3. Push in;
  4. Hook a screwdriver in the line and pull it off;
  5. Twist the batten a little bit and pull it - done;

If, for any reason, you want to re-install the batten in the sail, make sure the screw is unscrewed about five millimeters out of the tensioner.

  1. Hold the line loop with a screwdriver;
  2. Set the batten into the sail, with the batten "ears" facing down;
  3. Push it all the way in;
  4. Take the screwdriver and put the line on top of the tensioner;
  5. Tighten the batten until you get firm resistance;

You're ready to go windsurfing.

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