Huig-Jan Tak conquers the 2016 Kona Windsurfing World Championships

November 3, 2016 | Windsurfing
Huig-Jan Tak: the 2016 Kona world champion | Photo: Kona One

Huig-Jan Tak has claimed the 2016 Kona Windsurfing World Championships, in Islamorada, Florida Keys.

The event attracted 107 sailors from 15 nations and five continents, who competed in a one-design windsurfing class for five days in winds that sometimes hit the 30 knots.

Tak, from the Netherlands, won an impressive six bullets out of twelve races, and finished the event with the same net score as silver medalist Adam Holm. However, because he won the last race, he ended up raising the trophy.

"I got it - world champion! So stoked! It was really fair racing, really tight and exciting. I want to thank everybody for cheering me this week. It was amazing. I never had so many compliments and support from everybody," expressed Tak.

Earlier this season, Huig-Jan Tak won the first International U23 Kona World Championship in Malmo, Sweden. He has his racing background primarily in RS:X where he is among the Netherlands most prominent racers, but he started his racing career in Optimist.

Adam Holm, winner of the 2012 Kona World Championships, finished second. In the last years, he has been fully engaged with the RS:X Olympic campaign.

"It's been super cool. The best World Championship I have attended. My goal was gold, but I am still with finishing on the same overall score as Huig-Jan Tak," added Holm.

The greatest surprise in the podium was 15-year-old Noah Lyon, who finished third after very consistent sailing. He has a classical background from Optimist to 420 and RS:X before switching to Kona One some time ago.

"I constantly improved my racing watching the more experienced sailors. My goal was to finish top 10, but over the race days I improved my scores and in the end I realized the podium was not far away and I managed to get my sailing together all the way to the bronze medal," concluded Lyons.

2016 Kona Windsurfing World Championships | Top 5

1. Huig-Jan Tak (NED)
2. Adam Holm (SWE)
3. Noah Lyons (USA)
4. Andy Brandt (USA)
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