Anders Bringdal: driving Mistral at 50.46 knots | Photo: Mistral/Karine Terrien

The Mistral Windsurfing class is rising from the ashes. The "original board brand since 1976" is back under new management with a full line of windsurfing and stand-up paddle gear.

Speed windsurfer Anders Bringdal and Mistral Managing Director Ado Huisman have reached an agreement that marks a historical return of the brand to its roots.

The iconic insignia is now controlled by Mistral Red Dot Division Holland.

"With Mistral's current interests in the development of SUP boards and products, this has served to maintain Mistral's strong connections with that of water sport," explains Mistral's International Brand Manager, Steve West.

"Having Mistral Windsurfing coming back to us has put a smile on everybody's faces, as the net result will serve to strengthen our brand equity by a return to its roots - and this is not to say that our interests in SUP will diminish, far from it."

Covering All Water Sports

In the future, the historic brand will develop a complete evolutionary tree, from paddling to sailing, with WindSUP in between.

The company also plans to design booms, masts, sails, accessories, technical on and off water apparel, and functional footwear.

Mistral Windsurfing will benefit from the centralization of marketing, customer service, administration, warehousing, and day-to-day decision-making at the Mistral headquarters in Wierden, Holland.

Bringdal will be responsible for liaising with distributors, attending international trade fairs, engaging in a variety of promotional activities, overseeing the management of team riders, as well as product management and development.

The speed windsurfer pushed the Mistral windsurf board in excess of 50 knots and set the world production speed record.

Mistral was founded in 1972 in Germany with the goal of manufacturing windsurf boards, but the company notes 1976 as its foundation with the creation of its International One Design Class boards.

Its iconic M-dot logos were originally created by Ernstfried Prade, who is still active in the company today. Mistral is very likely the most recognized windsurfing brand in the world.

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