International Windsurfing Tour: the 2019 calendar has a few surprises | Photo: Crowther/IWT

The International Windsurfing Tour (IWT) announced the introduction of equal prize money for male and female competitors.

The announcement takes full effect in the 2019 season and will award $50,000 overall to the eight best-ranked wave sailors.

The breakdown for both pro men and women goes as follows:

1st: $10,000
3rd: $4,000
4th: $2,500
5th: $1,500
6th: $1,000
7th: $500
8th: $500

The 2019 IWT calendar features six events with Duncan Coombs as the new head judge.

The veteran PWA professional will oversee all rules and regulations, all judge selection and training, and will make the hard decisions about suitable conditions and rule enforcement.

Omaezaki Japan Cup, Shizuoka, Japan | March 5-10
Topocalma Inferno, Chile | March 23, April 6
Pistol River Wave Bash, Oregon, USA | June 15-22
Baja Desert Showdown, Punta San Carlos, Mexico | August 17-24
Pacasmayo Classic, Peru | September 8-14
Aloha Classic, Maui, Hawaii | October 19, November 9

According to the IWT, only the best four results for pro men and women will count toward the overall rankings.

Finally, the International Windsurfing Tour plans to run a series of online challenges with big wave windsurfing as leitmotif - Instagram awards, an IWT photo/video contest, and a global photo/video competition.

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