Irish wind pushes Steve Thorp to victory

November 7, 2014 | Windsurfing
Steve Thorp: it looks cold in Ireland | Photo: Magheroarty Classic

Steve Thorp has claimed the 2014 Magheroarty Classic, held in windy conditions, in Donegal, Ireland.

Despite the challenging weather, all riders showed they could handle the tricky wind gusts and opted for heading out with small sails.

The international fleet showed commitment and competence in the historic windsurfing event, which features wave riding and jumps.

Steve Thorp, Timo Mullen, and Andreas Mohr wasted no time delivering huge aerials, powerful back and front loops, as well as impressive goiters.

In the final of the 2014 Magheroarty Classic, Thorp and Mullen showed why they're the cream of wave windsurfing in the British Isles.

2014 Magheroarty Classic | Final Results

1. Steve Thorp
2. Timo Mullen
3. Andreas Mohr
4. Rob Jones
5. Simon Bonelli
5. Alex Dugan
5. Milos Milosevic
5. Niall Mellon
6. Jony Price
6. Katie McAnena
6. Dan Kealy
6. Ryan O'Leary
6. Mark Killeen
6. Finn Mellon
6. Martin Roe
6. Alex Nikoletopuoulos

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