Italy crowns windsurfer Raimondo Gasperini

January 26, 2011 | Windsurfing
Raimondo Gasperini: Italian windsurfing hero

Raimondo Gasperini has been awarded "Waterman of the Year 2010" in the first edition of Italy's Surfing and Windsurfing Awards, held in Santa Marinella.

The Italian windsurfer born in Rome is one the best players in Europe. Gasperini won the prestigious trophy for the achievements in his career and his efforts for the sport.

Although he is an all-round wind rider, Raimondo has been standing out in the Freestyle and Wave disciplines.

The Italian rider has been holding a podium place at any national wave event and always ending up in the Top 10 in the Freestyle circuit. Also, Raimondo Gasperini is working for the development and promotion of the sport amongst youngsters.

The X-Ray Talent Factory, the rookie event set up by the windsurfer, has taught the secrets of freestyle to many youngsters aged 9-21 years.

Raimondo Gasperini is 44 years old and is always in shape, both physically and mentally. The I-157 sailor will be rocking the next European windsurfing contests.