James Court sweeps the Eastbourne Fun Slalom Racing Day

May 6, 2013 | Windsurfing
James Court: big in New Zealand

James Court has completely dominated the Eastbourne Fun Slalom Racing Day, in winds ranging from 28 to 38 knots.

The Wellington Windsurfing Association (WWA) staged its final summer event, in Eastbourne. The stronger conditions dictated a figure-of-eight course, which was easier to set and adjust as the wind changed.

Ten sailors competed in seven races, which tested their abilities to maintain control and stay on the water in the strong conditions, and go around the buoys without crashing.

James Court, the well-known Wellington wave sailor, finished first in winning most races - six out of seven races - on his freestyle equipment, with local sailors Peter Hahn taking the final race to finish second, and Bruce Spedding third.

Eastbourne is ideally suited for this kind of event with its extensive coastline, reliable winds and ample resources to support events of this nature.

Currently, the National Slalom competition, held in Dunedin, attracts more than 50 sailors over five days, and the Taranaki Wave Classic has an even bigger attendance.