Janis Preiss imposes superiority in the 2014 NeilPryde Baltic Cup Estonia

June 17, 2014 | Windsurfing
Janis Preiss: from Latvia with speed

Janis Preiss has raced to victory at the 2014 NeilPryde Baltic Cup Estonia, held on Pirita Beach, Tallinn.

A total of 86 riders from five countries competed in almost autumnal weather, with winds ranging between 15-20 knots, air temperature of 15 degrees, and cloudy skies with intermittent rain showers.

Janis Preiss, from Latvia, did not give many chances to his rivals in the Formula Windsurfing class. The only tight battles were for the second and third places. In the end, John Kaju kept silver, and Martin Ervin got bronze.

The Formula Kite class winner had already been decided on the second day of the event. Viktoras Seputa didn't need sail the final because he already nine points ahead Margus Otsa. Madis Kallas finished in third position.

The NeilPryde Baltic Cup is an internationally recognised Formula Windsurfing class racing series, contributing points to the world rankings.

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