Jason Polakow and Robby Swift hit Backyards

May 31, 2013 | Windsurfing
Backyards: a perfect windsurfing session

Jason Polakow and Robby Swift ventured to the North Shore of Oahu in search for winds and waves. The result is breathtaking.

"It's really a top-to-bottom heavy wave. Much more so than Hookipa. It's a real high-performance wave. It sort of reminds me of Cape Vert on steroids", says Jason Polakow.

Backyards and Boneyards are some of the most dangerous windsurfing spots in the world. Expect shallow waters, hollow faces, razor sharp reefs and heavy close-outs. The thing is it get really exciting.

"This is my first ever sailing in Backyards. It's absolutely amazing. When we first got here, his explanation of the place was in his usual fashion: 'basically head out there, hit the lip there and try not to fall, because it is five centimeters deep and you can get completely annihilated", tells Robby Swift.

The ride might end up in Sunset Beach, which is half a mile away from Backyards. The following video speaks for itself. This is wave windsurfing.

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