Jebbe Unthank claims the 2011 Auckland Freestyle Championships

June 7, 2011 | Windsurfing
Jebbe Unthank: he and his alter egos

The 2011 Auckland Freestyle Championships were a tremendous success. Takapuna greeted all windsurfers with 25-50 knots of NE winds and a decent swell rolling in.

Nearly half of the fleet were juniors riders with 18 years old and less. The youngest competitor was Maiya, with only 11 years but a great determination to get to the top, in the next couple of years.

The judges decided to run a total of five heats, just after the tide started to run out and the waves got a bit cleaner and nicer. The first three rounds were held in 20 minutes and the winners/losers final got 15-minute heats each.

The judges scored wave and freestyle maneuvers 50/50, so everyone could make the most out of the conditions. The water was smooth close to the boat ramp, in order to catch some great freestyle action, impress the judges and the hardcore spectators.

Jumping was a bit hard with the wind angle, but we still saw some forwards, backwards and obviously some good crashes too. Big smiles from all competitors, despite the pouring rain that just wouldn't stop.

Open Men

1. Jebbe Unthank
2. Tim Haxel
3. Dan Thomas
4. Eric Torvelainen
5. Anton Blijlevens
6. Alexander Stroh

Open Woman

1. Jill Cooper


1. Lawrence Carey
2. Sam Thomas
3. Peter Kohut
4. Maiya Holton