John Davis, the 91-year-old windsurfer

September 13, 2010 | Windsurfing
John Davis: a true windsurfer | Photo: Globe Gazette

Young at heart. There's a 91-year-old windsurfer hitting the waters of the USA.

John Davis, a graduate of the University of Iowa and Harvard Law School, has started windsurfing in his 60s and never gave up.

"I sort of entertained the south shore the rest of that fall learning to windsurf," he jokes.

Nowadays, he is an experienced windsurfer. His wife says he surfs dry, as he hardly falls in the water.

John Davis started downhill skiing, then embraced golf and plays piano.

Having bought a house on Clear Lake, Davis is now an avid sportsman with a lot to teach to the future local windsurfing generations.