Jose "Gollito" Estredo pulls tricky victory at Podersdorf

May 1, 2013 | Windsurfing
Jose Estredo: shaka time

Jose "Gollito" Estredo has conquered the inaugural event of the 2013 PWA World Tour. The talented freestyle windsurfer is celebrating victory at the Surf World Cup Podersdorf, in Austria.

The quest for an incredible sixth world title is on. Estredo starts the windsurfing season with a bang, after defeating Steven van Broeckhoven, in the first stage of year.

Austria's famed Neusiedler See burst into life, on day two, as 25-30 knot winds greeted the sailors, allowing both the single and double eliminations to be completed after an enthralling day of action on the water.

In the final and decisive heat, van Broeckhoven was up against the man who is now undefeated in the last four events - "Gollito" Estredo.

The five-time world champion was determined to defend his single elimination crown and that is exactly what he managed to do, as the 24 year old produced a devastating display consisting of a stunning one-handed burner, a one-handed air flaka and a divine one-handed shaka to illustrate exactly why he is the reigning world champion.

Van Broeckhoven responded with a massive air-funnel, an outstanding planing culo and a tweaked shuvit spock, but on this occasion it wasn't enough to prevent Estredo from securing his first victory of the year.

"I'm super happy to have won the double elimination. It was a long day, but the conditions were really good and I'm pleased with how I sailed and the result. Lets see what happens for the rest of the week", revealed Jose Estredo.

The European Freestyle Pro Tour tow-in competition was also taken by Estredo, after landing a burner into a mix between a funnel and a burner, followed by Steven van Broeckhoven and Bjorn Saragoza.

PWA Surf World Cup Podersdorf 2013 | Results

1st Jose "Gollito" Estredo (Fanatic / North)
2nd Steven Van Broeckhoven (JP / NeilPryde / Different)
3rd Kiri Thode (Starboard / Gaastra)
4th Anthony Ruenes (Tabou / Gaastra)
5th Davy Scheffers (Tabou / Gaastra)