Josh Angulo joins the dark side of windsurfing

March 19, 2012 | Windsurfing
Josh Angulo: the dark side of windsurfing

Josh Angulo has joined the dark side of windsurfing. The US rider has signed a contract deal with Point-7 and will be joining the recently established Black Team.

"Josh was not a choice between other riders. We wanted Josh. His way of surfing and connection with riders in our sport really fits to the brand. Not only is he a professional in his riding, but he has many diverse experiences in his portfolio to share with the team", explains Point-7.

The windsurfing brand is going to support Josh Angulo chasing his third PWA World Tour title, in the wave sailing category. The windsurfer from the North Shore of Oahu has a passion for Cabo Verde, a country with great wind conditions.

"The vibe, the freshness, the excitment. My goodness it’s amazing how your whole excitment level and mental focus can change so dramatically when you get put into a group of motivated people", says Angulo after signing the deal.

"Basically the opportunity came up to align my talents and experience with Point-7 and as I delved into researching what the Point-7 philosophy and vision was about, I knew this was one of the coolest opportunities in my life and plus: have you seen how fast those guys are going on those black babies?", he adds.

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