Julian Wiemar proves windsurfing is free

December 30, 2016 | Windsurfing
Julian Wiemar: the German windsurfer loves traveling the world | Photo: Carter/PWA

Windsurfing films are quite rare these days, but "Entrance Free" has 25 minutes of exciting freestyle moves by Julian Wiemar.

Wiemar started windsurfing at the age of six, and when he hit 10, he joined a windsurfing camp with Ricardo Campello as a mentor.

In 2015, the German sailor debuted on the PWA world and, since then, he has been trying to step up his game. Julian Wiemar is the star of the latest movie by Valentin Bockler.

"Entrance Free" was shot in Brazil, South Africa, Canary Islands and Norway when the director was still recovering from a broken foot, and it also features Balz and Jakob Müller, Tony Mõttus, Adam Sims, Jeremy Plüss, and Loïck Spicher.

"The entrance to go to the water is always free, no matter where and when. Windsurfing makes us happy, so we found the entrance to happiness, and it is for free," explains Julian Wiemar.

"What I did since the middle of last year is what I always wanted to do - windsurfing and traveling around the world with my friends without any competition pressure. Even my broken hand and some torn ligaments couldn’t stop me from having fun."

Sit back and enjoy. "Entrance Free" will inspire you to get back to wind and waves.

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