Julien Bontemps foils to victory at the 2017 Défi Wind

May 30, 2017 | Windsurfing
Julien Bontemps: he won the 2017 Défi Wind with a foil board | Photo: Cornu/Défi Wind

The 2017 Défi Wind was saved by the bell. After three days of waiting, windsurfers were finally able to get their equipment in the water for a figure-eight race.

Although it was not the famous Tramontane wind, fifteen knots were enough to get the participants sailing in the open ocean.

The windsurfers on foils started strong right from the start, but Julien Bontemps was clearly the athlete to beat. He crossed the finish line ahead of Thomas Goyard and Ludo Jossin.

"It's good to win in front of slalom windsurf boards. A new era is arriving," said Julien Bontemps.

In women's competition, world champion Delphine Cousin dominated the race ahead of Maëlle Guilbaud and Maja Dziarnowska. Bastien Escofet was the first in the junior division.

The 17th edition of the Défi Wind was not perfect, but everyone partied hard and had the opportunity to taste the local wind on the last day of the event.

2017 Défi Wind | Top 5

1. Julien Bontemps
2. Thomas Goyard
3. Ludo Jossin
4. Diony Guadagnino
5. Steve Laubaney

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