Julien Mas goes tow-in windsurfing in France

September 16, 2011 | Windsurfing
Julien Mas: letting go his speed support

And now for something completely different. When windsurfing and wakeboarding meet each other in a lake, the result can be pretty extraordinary.

Julien Mas, one of the most talented PWA Tour freestylers, decided to improve his training sessions with a pinch of salt. The French rider changed the way we actually see tow-in.

Mas, Ronan Garreau and the crew behind Yacht Club Dauphinois went for a mix of windsurfing and wakeboarding attitude. That is tow-in windsurfing.

With the helping hand of a motor boat, Julien planned fast and pulled a few high speed crazy tricks, in the flat waters of Lake Monteynard, in France.

Wakeskate? Windboarding? It's up to you. Watch it.

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