Julien Quentel is "Champion de France 2010"

October 28, 2010 | Windsurfing

Julien Quentel: a yellow smile

Julien Quentel secured a third place in the last Wave event of the season and conquered the overall title of "Champion de France 2010", probably the last overall title in France.

Quentel was born in Guadeloupe, but lives in France.

Julien Quentel said: "Conditions were really marginal and I think we could stop the event at quarterfinals, but I can understand that event organizers want to close the event with a winner. So, in this kind of conditions, the only thing to do is to go on the water, trying to do your best. Of course you need good equipment, but it's mostly about your mind.

"My goal was to fight for the overall title. The only one who could take it apart from me was Jules Denel, who is really strong. So I gave my best to keep him behind me, and when I saw he was out of the contest and I was still in, I felt free and without pressure anymore.

"Honestly I'm really happy to have won this Overall Title having competed in this last event, and I'm really sad that this will be the last year in France with this kind of Overall ranking, since I think that this ranking pushes you to be more complete in all the disciplines. I'm really proud to be the last winner of the France Funboard Overall Title!"

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